Saturday, December 27, 2014


Before installing (or allowing continued use), ensure that every immersion heater is properly controlled with a temperature regulating switch that will detect an over-temperature condition, trigger an alarm, and immediately turn off the unit.

All immersion heaters should also be equipped with a low-level switch to detect the process fluid reaching a level no less than one inch of fluid above the filament heating zone.

In any situation where water or other fluids are present, ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI) protection must be installed to prevent the risk of employees contacting nearby fluids that may be electrically charged, which could cause a shock injury.

Lastly, never allow immersion heaters to be used with flammable liquids.

Maintenance = Immersion heaters should be inspected, tested, and serviced at least monthly, or in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. If issues are identified, the heater involved should be immediately removed from service until appropriate repairs are completed.

Remember - No piece of equipment, machinery or tooling is designed to last forever.

A more comprehensive inspection and maintenance should be performed annually by qualified personnel. The timing of both monthly and annual inspections or service should be part of the company’s preventative maintenance program.

These proactive efforts will help ensure continued use of each immersion heater will be as safe as possible.

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