Thursday, September 25, 2014


A proactive Electrical Maintenance Program can prevent fires in buildings and ensure a safe and reliable electrical system. A proactive step to help maintain your building from the risks of fires is to conduct a periodic electrical testing or assessment of your buildings by a certified electrician. This will help find areas of potential overheating. This useful proactive action step should best be tried every 5-years.

This step will help control demand overloads of older electrical systems that have not been upgraded. It will control fires from deteriorated maintenance and deteriorated conditions from your electrical system. And maintenance can control fire risk from any possibly improper installations that can create hazardous electrical conditions by themselves.

There are various root causes of fires due to wiring overheating alone and these must be controlled with maintenance.

On overload is an overcurrent higher than usual that is forced or confined in the same normal path or wire.

When there is a short circuit, the path of the electrons is separated. This can be for just a bit, but the electron flow goes off the normal path.

Electrical arcs form between wires or a within a connection where there is a space.

Insulation starts to degrade with age, heat, and other contaminates like fluids. A short circuit is the most extreme form of insulation failure.

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