Sunday, August 29, 2010


To avoid storage accidents (like a heavy-laden falling shelf), sharp edges that stick out of stored items, or other risks:

DO’s :
• All storage racks & shelves are securely anchored in good condition.
• Employees stack materials on a flat base.
• Workers place heavy objects on the bottom.
• Use a ladder to reach stored items overhead.
• Workers wear gloves when handling materials to avoid splinters, fasteners, nails & sharp edges.
• Employees watch out for plastic or metal strapping, which can snap without warning.
• Proper disposal of trash and debris.
• Employees know how to use conveyors, cranes, hoists & other lifting devices.
• Make sure to have fire extinguishers that can contain storage classes of fires:
Class A — Combustibles (paper, wood, cardboard)
Class B — Liquid fuels (solvents, oil-based paints, gasoline)
Class C — Electrical fires

• Stack items so high that they block the fire sprinkler heads
• Pile materials too close to sources of heat or electricity
• Leave remnants of packing material on the floor
• Place items so that they stick out into walkways
• Stand under or beside loosely piled materials
• Lift improperly or lift more than one can carry safely

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