Friday, November 11, 2011


If you own or operate an ATV for agricultural work in California, the ATV should be licensed with the Dept.of Motor Vehicles.

Protective gear keeps you safe and in control of your ATV. Helmets certified for ATV use provide head protection & cut death risk by 1/2; they should be secure & impact resistant, yet allow peripheral vision. A helmet face shield, goggles, or glasses can provide eye protection from flying dirt, rocks, insects, or vegetation.

Gloves and boots protect your hands and feet, and allow you to maintain a firm grip and control over the ATV. Long sleeves & pants protect exposed skin; padded & reinforced clothing is ideal.

When riding, scan ahead and to the side for obstacles, uneven terrain, vehicles, people, & animals. Reduce speed to at least 15 mph if you see a potential hazard. Pay attention to guy wires & barbed wire fences; they are low profile and difficult to see.

Keep the ATV off of public roads; ATVs are only allowed to cross public roads. If you must cross a road, remember that ATVs are low to the ground and may not be visible. Lights, reflectors, & flags can make the ATV visible.

In CA, there are specific regulations for riders under 18-years of age. For more information, call your local Cal/OSHA office or visit the website

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