Friday, March 25, 2011


1. Add approved water only — not acid.
2. Keep electrolyte level above separator protectors.
3. Keep battery top clean and dry.
4. Keep flame and metal away from the battery top.
5. Keep vent caps tightly in place.
6. Do not use battery with specific gravity below 1.120.
7. Cool before charging or operating if battery is above 115ºF.
8. Charge only at proper voltage and ampere-hours.
9. Keep truck compartment and battery cover open during charging.
10 Have an eyewash station nearby! (or a sink converted into an eyewash)
.......CAUTION - DO NOT OVERFILL........

Approved Water — in most areas of the U.S., tap water is satisfactory of use in lead acid batteries. But, your manufacturer may advise otherwise upon request & area. Use distilled water when in doubt if the public water source is not approved.

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