Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Powered Tools Checklist (for you):

OSHA 1910 - Subpart P - Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Other Handheld Equipment

_Are grinders, saws and similar equipment provided with appropriate safety guards?
_Are power tools used with the correct shield, guard, or attachment, recommended by the manufacturer?
_Are portable circular saws equipped with guards above and below the base shoe?
_Are circular saw guards checked to assure they are not wedged up, thus leaving the lower portion of the blade unguarded?
_Are rotating or moving parts of equipment guarded to prevent physical contact?
_Are all cord-connected, electrically-operated tools and equipment effectively grounded or of the approved double insulated type?
_Are effective guards in place over belts, pulleys, chains, sprockets, on equipment such as concrete mixers, air compressors, etc.?
_Are portable fans provided with full guards or screens having openings 1/2 inch or less?
_Is hoisting equipment available and used for lifting heavy objects, and are hoist rating and characteristics appropriate for the task?
_Are ground-fault circuit interrupters provided on all temporary electrical 15 and 20 ampere circuits, used during periods of construction?
_Are pneumatic and hydraulic hoses on power-operated tools checked regularly for deterioration or damage?

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