Thursday, December 24, 2009

Identify Your Hazards!

A "hazard" is defined as a condition or changing set of circumstances that presents a potential for injury, illness, or property damage. The potential or inherent characteristics of an activity, condition, or circumstance which can produce adverse or harmful consequences.

An "accident" is defined as an unfortunate event often the result of carelessness or ignorance. An unforeseen & unplanned event or circumstance resulting in an unfavorable outcome.

Questions should be asked, to help predict what could go wrong on jobs & how risks might be controlled:

• Is the site & job the same as described?
• Are the necessary materials available to perform the work?
• Does everyone have the proper tools to perform tasks at hand?
• Are there enough workers to handle the job? Have they all had safety training?
• Are environmental conditions (light, noise, weather) a factor?
• Are there too many people in the area to work safely?
• Have other sub's on the job been notified about hazardous tasks or materials? • Anticipate, Evaluate & control Hazards!

Save time to think ahead...Save all your workers & colleagues from accidents!

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