Sunday, November 1, 2009

UV Light & Our Eyes

MOST people know the harmful effects that ultraviolet (UV) rays can have on the skin. But many are not aware of the damage that they can cause to the eyes. Possibly the most frightening aspect of UV damage is that it is cumulative, meaning the negative effects may not present themselves until years later.

A recent survey, by Transitions Optical Inc. found that although 82% of respondents knew that extended exposure to the sun could cause skin cancer, only 9% knew it could damage vision. Additionally, only 1 in 6 respondents said they wear sunglasses when they prepare for extended exposure to the sun and only approximately 1/3 said they wear a hat.

"Most of us wouldn't dream of staying outside in the sun without putting on sunscreen lotion," said Daniel D. Garrett, senior vice president of Prevent Blindness America. "But we also have to remember to wear both UV-blocking lenses and a brimmed hat to protect our eyes as well."

Save your eyes from the sun...Save your vision.

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